Effectify coaches your employees to make sustainable choices every day and instantly measures their impact.

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Reduce Your Climate Impact and Save Money

Among available green investments, developing your employees' behaviour can have the quickest return of investment.
Effectify teaches, encourages and motivates your employees to build healthy habits at the office.

Once centrally set up, Effectify becomes a virtual personal coach for each of your employees.

The platform builds on the pillars of effective employee engagement. Using gamification and social psychology, Effectify engages, teaches, motivates and provides recognition. As a result, it nudges your employees to form better habits. It helps to develop those into new sustainable behaviours and gradually empowers them to become fulfilled employees.

Admin Panel

Effectify provides a library of over 200 tasks on sustainability, health, mindfulness and citisenship.

Easy to set up and tailor specifically to your company culture, mission and values, Effectify combines expert guidance with behavioural science, data analytics and clear design, breaking sophisticated topics into small enticing pieces accessible for everyone.

Content Library

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Effectify collects statistics and calculates your impact.

You and your employees will get a clear overview of who is participating, in what and how much. This will provide you invaluable first-hand insight into your employees' interests. The environmental impact and economic statistics are crucial for raising awareness, reporting and keeping and eye on your return of investment.

Impact Tracker

Choose the activities to engage your employees in

By letting your employees complete just these tasks, your annual savings would be the equivalent of

  • Water
    Filling Olympic-sized pools
    litres of water
  • Energy
    Powering a house for years
    kW⋅h of energy
  • Emissions
    From Paris to Berlin times
    Kg of CO₂ emissions
  • Waste
    Planting trees
    Kg of waste
  • Money
    Employing workers

Engage Employees and Unlock Productivity

The majority of millenials are demanding their organisations for purposeful work. They want to participate.
Effectify helps your company meet those needs and build a culture that reflects personal and organizational growth.

Over50%of workers
Want more sustainable initiatives
Over75%of workers
Crave for more engagement activities
Only14%of workers
Are engaged in their work in Europe

7 Reasons to Choose the Effectify Gamified Engagement Platform

Your employees want to have positive feedback, feel recognized and acknowledged.

Play and games are extremely effective in evoking those feelings, by providing awards for achieved victories. Those powerful game design mechanics are integrated deeply into the Effectify platform, to give your employees a real sense of accomplishment for the real actions they are taking up in the office.

Your employees bring their whole selves to the workplace. True employee engagement takes place both during and after work hours.

Company canteen or on a daily commute, Effectify is always-at-hand and accessible with all modern devices. It can be customized to engage with your employees when and where you see fit. By taking up sustainable habits in the office and at home, your employees will be mindful of your company values throughout the day.

Study after study has proven that good managers are a necessity for engaged employees.

Although theoretically a set-it-forget-it platform, Effectify works best with your managers conducting the show. An inspirational content library, a way to observe employees' interests, a tool to recognize and manage everything at one place — Effectify provides the means to have dedicated managers your employees love.

Effective employee engagement is a continuous proccess.

Traditional methods, such as contests, events and stunts, take significant resource to administer and drive only temporary sprints in performance gains. Effectify is an online platform that provides a foundation for motivation, performance and business insights that could continue throughout your workers employment cycle.

Build Brand Value

Millenials prefer purpose over money, a socially responsible brand is essential for recruiting the best new talent.
Effectify turns responsible intent into real action with tangible results, and provides the statistics to prove it.

Stand out
Sustainability contributes up to 15% of a company’s brand value, depending on the sector. Stand out and let everyone know you care and act responsibly. Every single day.
Measurable positive impact is instantly shareable and provides excellent communication material for success stories. Lead an example and help your customers pursue sustainability.
If you already have sustainability goals and strive for certification — Effectify will help you fill the criteria for acquiring those certificates.

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